Our Mission

“Consistently exist as the first and foremost thought of our clients by striving towards continued excellence and improvement in knowledge, network expansion, and compassionate service. “

Our Vision

Tower is on the move and better than ever! We have been servicing the Brokerage Industry for over 35 years. Tower has been making constant upgrades of knowledge, network expansion and compassionate service. This has enabled us to get closer to our vision of being the “Ultimate ” resource in the Insurance and Financial Service Brokerage Industry.

Our goal is to insure the success of our most valuable commodity, our brokers. We do not work for an insurance company; we work for you. Tower provides everything necessary to make your production successful. You care for your clients – we care for you.

Tower was founded on the premise that while larger brokerages may offer the appearance of strength through size, the reality is that smaller, resourceful brokerages can match their market access while providing a highly responsive level of personal service. We feel that a well–informed and serviced broker will make for a productive and successful business arrangement for all involved. We invite you to join a brokerage agency that you can trust!

As a family owned, independently operated insurance agency, we understand the importance of excellent service.